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Meet Your Website Team

Melissa Johnson

I had no intentions of becoming a doula! At the time, I was a yoga instructor and the owner of a Wellness Center. When one of our prenatal yoga teachers recommended that we host a doula training at the studio I said “sure!” Thinking that this would be like any other training held in the studio. The trainer offered me a seat in the training and wow – that changed my world. I had no idea how transformative it would be. From there, I went on to become a DONA certified doula which lead to starting a doula group. This further led to studying at The Farm to become a birth assistant and then certifying to teach HypnoBirthing.

I loved being a doula and childbirth educator and was surrounded by so many like-minded professionals. When a couple of colleagues asked for help with a website for their business I jumped right in. Since I had created the website and directed the marketing for all of our businesses at this point, it was a comfortable fit. I realized after a few months that I gained almost as much joy helping others birth their businesses and websites as attending births. That’s a strong statement right? But to be honest, after 5 years of being a doula with a little one at home, I craved the predictability that being a Web Designer provided.

So, here I am! Partnering with a Midwife to provide specialized birth industry content and websites.

Melissa is also the owner of Simplified Website Design.

Amy Colo

As a midwife, I was always thrilled when my clients hired doulas to support them. Now as a prenatal massage therapist, I’m recommending doulas all the time! I know that families who hire doulas get better care, and an outcome more aligned with their desires. Even when labor is difficult and things do not go as planned, they feel supported and more accepting of their experience.

I understand there are as many styles of doula-ing as there are types of clients, and that the common thread among you is the desire to serve and to empower families in their experience. What’s your style? Who is your ideal client? What kind of client relationship is most fulfilling for you?

How you craft your web content will draw certain types of people to you. If you want to highlight your unique approach and stand out for your ideal client, consider experienced guidance and professional writing.  Let me be your content doula and help you reach the people you can best serve.

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Doulas & Birth Workers

The future goal of ‘for Doulas’ is to provide resources and support for doulas and birth workers on topics such as running your business and helpful business tools, taking care of yourself, marketing, etc…

In support of that goal, we are looking for doulas to contribute to these resources. With such a wide breadth of styles, experiences, and perspectives we imagine this site as being a place of collaboration and encouragement.