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Doulas, Birthworkers and Wellness Businesses

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Web Design Reviews

From Our Clients

Web Design Reviews
From Our Clients

Our Web Design Services

for Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Midwives

Our Web Design Services
for Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Midwives


Your unique website is designed to match your business identity and goals.


Your new website design is responsive across multiple device sizes such as phones, tablets and laptops.


Social media icons and social share buttons for blog posts are included in every site. You can even display your IG feed.


We will host, maintain, update, back-up and keep your website safe and healthy so you don't have to worry.


We offer many options like additional pages, pop-ups, scheduler integrations, interactive forms, and more to support your growing business.


Your site will include a strong SEO foundation for optimal local search engine results so potential families can find and hire you.


We create forms for contact pages, newsletter, and client intake forms with mailing list integration.


We provide training videos so you can feel empowered to make changes to your site. OR we can do that for you.

We provide a template for your doula website's content flow, layout and design.

Your website’s messaging is important. We provide a template for your content’s purpose and flow so that it converts more families browsing your site into clients.

Ned a design template? We have those.

Website Add-ons

We work with a former midwife and prenatal massage therapist turned SEO writer, to help boost your SEO as we launch your site with 3-5 starter blog posts. We know what content gets noticed by your perfect family looking for your birth services!

Starter Blogs

Starting at $175

Ongoing SEO


Reviews Package Add-on


Asked Questions

Asked Questions

We do not. Your business domain should be purchased by you and within your control. If you already have a domain name, we recommend leaving it where it is, and we will take care of pointing it to our servers when your new website is ready to go live. We recommend GoDaddy or Google Domains if you need to purchase a new domain.

Yes. Our affordable website care plans cover the cost of website hosting on a safe, reliable and fast server. Your website will be backed up on the server daily as well as off-site every month (depending on your site needs).

Keeping your new website safe, secure, and running efficiently is a huge priority for us. For this reason, we will not install your new website on any other servers. However, once your new website is built, you can move your site to another web host. 

Because of the increasing complexity and requirements of email, we do not offer email services. We do recommend using Google Workspace for your business email address. 

It depends on the website package you choose. But once we have all of the website content (page text, images, etc) and design, the website build moves long quickly. Of course there are situations that impact our launch goals such as communication, vacation, sickness, births and well, life! But generally – in reality – it can take 1 week up to 8 weeks depending on the site.

Yes! We have an in-house writer who is a former midwife and current massage therapist who also wears the hat of an amazing SEO content writer! Let’s chat about our budget friendly options.

Because all plans are set up on monthly auto pay using a debit or credit card, we cannot accept checks for your monthly payment. 

Yes. We build every website using WordPress, which makes it easy for you to login and make changes to your doula website. We do provide instructional videos however, some changes are more difficult than others and might require some assistance from us.

This varies depending on your business goals and niche saturation in your city. STRONG local SEO takes ongoing effort. We will define the goals and then work together to come up with a plan that supports those goals. But you should be prepared to continue to add fresh and meaningful content to your site.


Asked Questions

If you are choosing a doula website template, building your website should only take a week or two. Of course there are factors that affect the timeline such as preparation of content, communication, births and LIFE.

Yes. Once it is built and paid for, it’s all yours. We prefer to host the sites that we build and hope to be supporting for years to come, but you are also free to take your site with you to another website host.

Yes. The page builder that we use allows for easy content edits. We provide simple to follow videos to help you get comfortable with editing your new site.

We feel strongly that an asset such as a business’s website domain should only be owned by the business owner. So the answer is no but GoDaddy and Google Domains makes it pretty easy to get a domain.

We prefer to host your site and provide monthly maintenance for your WordPress website. We offer website care plans to keep your site updated and healthy.

While we do not provide email service, we can guide and general recommend Google Workspace for business emails.

Sometimes. If you have a STRONG direction and simply need a graphic representation, we can provide that. For businesses just starting out or looking to rebrand, we recommend hiring a brand expert. Reach out if you need a referral.

For sure! You can pick from one of our beautiful website templates or we can create a completely new and custom site.

We love supporting wellness professionals. Whether you are a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, yoga teacher and so on, we’re here for it!